Joy in Teaching: Triforce Edition

Me: “The Three Midsegments Conjecture says that if we connect the three midsegments of a triangle, they will form four congruent triangles within, like this.”

Screen Shot 2011-10-04 at 7.27.46 PM

Kid: “It’s a triforce!”

Boys in class: “Triforce!”

Girls: “What’s a triforce?”

Me: “Go play Zelda sometime. Okay, so the Triforce conjecture says….”

Students in the class now have the option of naming conjectures* by their proper name, by their assertion, or by our nickname. I have a feeling conjecture-naming will be a common pasttime in our class.

  • didn’t these used to be theorems? Pretty sure we used to learn theorems. The textbooks these days also have these weird flowchart proofs, not the two-column ones of yore.