When Things Go Right

One of my favorite things about the devops community is blameless postmortems. John Allspaw at Etsy first popularized this with a blog post in 2012, but the theories go back to work that

Teach for San Francisco

The Chronicle recently reported that principals in the San Francisco Unified School District have begun hiring Teach for America teachers in defiance of the school board's wishes. While I agree with the general

The Litany of Managed Expectations

In doing product work, I often think on a quote from Eugene Gendlin, a psychotherapist most famous for the “Focusing” technique. The “Litany of Gendlin”: What is true is already so. Owning up

Product Management in a DevOps World

Product managers need an understanding of how software is built, shipped, maintained to be effective at their jobs. @dshack #velocityconf— Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) June 23, 2016 I recently gave a talk at

Debt vs. Capital

In software we often talk about a metaphor of "debt": decisions we make now that save immediate time or effort, but that compromise a system or product's design in some way. What makes