Alive and Well

Part 1: Airbone, rambling a note into my iPod somewhere above the pacific.


Kind of crazy that you can keep a hunk of steel in the air for ten
hours. It looks like we're taking a very northern, circuitious route- I
swear I saw us right next to Alaska on the inflight map. Spent some
quality time sorting through summer photos, writing email, and watching
entourage on my iPod. They also showed Prince Caspian, which was a lot
more violent than I expected from a movie based on a book for

 The airplane is an odd little world- we took off at 11:30am and we're
landing at 2:00 the next day, but we're in bright daylight the entire DSC_6228

flight. I'm sure the jet lag is going to take a lot out of me, but I'm
hoping excitement, caffeine, and melatonin will let me force my body
onto a new cycle.

Also: airline food sucks, which shouldn't surprise me, but does. I
think I had meal service once before on a flight to cincinatti, but we
were in first class, so it was palatable, tasty even (I don't
usually roll first class, but I think we had some amount of flier miles
such that we would never get a free trip out of it, but could redeem
them for a seat upgrade.

Update at 10:30- looks like we're just east of the Korean peninsula,
moving at 528 mph (850kph- dag, I'm going to need to get better at
metric. A base ten measurement system? Ridiculous)DSC_6208

Update at 12ish- that food earlier was gourmet compared to lunch.

We're landing! Tokyo is way greener than I expected.






DSC_6267Part 2: Tokyo airport and my host family.

For a society that's so technologically advanced, the Japanese really don't use cards much- they couldn't even process a credit card at the currency exchange in the airport. Odd.

Lucked out majorly with my host family, the Koyamas. From the left, there's Tomoko,
Kana, me, and Susumu. Tomoko is a housewife, Kana's in her fourth year
of university, and Susumu plays some role in the manufacture of custom
screws for large companies (the explanation of his work didn't
translate too well).



 I can't believe this house. It's four stories high, very cute inside, and ridiculously spacious by Japanese standards. 




My room is the entire fourth floor, and has its own deck. What? I expected about enough space to lie down, with maybe a dresser. This is just kind of ridiculous.