How to get Japanese (or any country's) iTunes store, podcasts, etc.

 Podcasts (especially the video ones) are awesome learning, news, and entertainment tools if you're in Japan (or interested in it). I've listened to JapanPod101 for a while; it's a great repository of situation-based Japanese lessons, and you can pick and choose the episodes based on your level. However, I'm looking for more raw natural-language content these days, as well as something to occupy my daily train commute, so I went in search of some real Japanese podcasts.

Fail! To use the iTunes store of a given country, you need a credit card billed there (even for free content), which most of us exchange students don't have. My host sister told me you can get prepaid cards from big electronics stores (Yodobashi, Bic, Sofmap, etc) in Japan, but today I stumbled on the following method, which supposedly opens up any country's content:

1. Select the iTunes store of your country or your preferred one.
2. When the front page loads up, go and click on the top app from the “Top Free App” section.
3. When the App Page load, hit the “Get App” Button
4. Then a login prompt window will appear, You need to click on “Create New Account”
5. Click “Continue”, then tick the “I Accept” box and again click “Continue”
6. In this page you need to enter your details, [You will need a real and valid email address], then click “Continue”
7. Now, this is the important part .. If you have followed all the six
steps, you should now have a “None” option a a payment method. Select
it. 8. Now you need to fill in your details, if you don’t live in the
country you chose, just make up an address, [Or just go to YellowPages
website and find your preferred advert and take its address ;)]. Then
again click “Continue” 9. Now you will see a message to click on the confirmation link that was sent to the email you entered earlier.
10. Check your email inbox [or Junk Mail], open the email that Apple sent you and click on the confirmation link.
11. When you press the link, automatically iTunes will show up, telling you to enter your brand new iTunes account Details.
12. If you have done everything Okay, you will be greeted with a congratulations page.
13. Now you are done, You can download free apps, the weekly free song and some free HDTV TV shows

Many thanks to Mr. IpodSurjan for this one; his site has pretty good resources on jailbreaking iPhones and iPod Touches.

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