The Requisite "Oh Yay, We Won!" Post


Oh yay, we won! Mostly. Barack Obama will be our next president, and for the first time since I’ve really
been able to grasp and articulate all that means and represents, I’m proud of our country’s leadership. No one’s expecting our collapsed economy to recover overnight (though the exchange rate got a little bump, which was nice for my ATM withdrawls), and we have a long, hard road ahead of us dealing with America’s fall from the world’s economic center.

That said, when you’re in for a shitty ride, there’s something to be said for having a leader 87.3% of the world wanted to win (The Times has a pretty good article out with reactions to the win from all across the globe, from elation in Africa to ambivalence in Iraq to indifference in China). I was worried over the last week, but it faded as America seemed to come to its senses in the last day or two, and following twitter late into the night (ie, all-American-day long), the news got more and more encouraging. The actual news came via 携帯メール (Japan’s ubiquitous cell-phone mail).  My comparative lit (basically Murakami) class was about half over, when my friend Andrew first texted me CNN calling it for Obama, and then McCain’s concession not too long after (both accompanied by requisite emoji). We bounced the message around, and you could see the American kids in the class (and a few of the Japanese ones) reach into their pockets, glance at their cellphones, smile, and send it off to another friend or two.

Unfortunately, not all is well in the nation. California’s unconstitutional, inhumane, just plain dumb Prop 8 passed by a hair, banning marriage between people of the same sex (52-48, 95% reporting). To all the wonderful gay, lesbian, trans, and whatever the hell shape you like families out there, and all the kids that are going to miss out on childhoods because of a few blind religious zealots, I’m sorry.

Anyway, this mix of elation and disappointment is kind of vexing, especially since I’m usually happy with CA and angry at everyone else.

In other news, Japanese is hard; they should fix that quick-style. This weekend holds partying with my Eric Franz, currently in Obama, Japan for the festivities, a visit from some of the Six Apart US guys to the Tokyo office, and a depressing amount of homework.

Catch you later!