Visting the new Harajuku H&M

Went to Harajuku to check out the new H&M. My brave companion was 爽-chan (So-chan),  a girl from Hosei university I met this Halloween. Scheduling meet-ups is a bit of a chore here; it's hard to make dates less than two weeks in advance. This Harajuku just opened up, and it's currently home to a new collection by Comme de Garcon designer Rei Kawakubo. Hence, the line was spectacular.

Harajuku Crossing by Night
In front of Harajuku station, waiting for So

Watchful Guard

They had a whole blue-uniformed taskforce maintaining order in the two-block-long queue.

Waiting to get into H&M

Would-be budget fashionistas waiting to get in. The line actually moved pretty quickly- we were probably waiting all of 20 minutes or so.


Made it in!

H&M Mannequins II

They kept trying to stop me from taking pictures, but how could an ignorant foriegner like me understand their Japanese instructions?

H&M Mannequins

More ridiculous mannequins.


Despite their well-executed intake control, it was packed. There were no baskets, either, so carrying selections around got dangerous- I snagged someone's bag/jacket/person or was snagged several times by hangers poking out of people's armfuls of clothing.

Goth-Loli 爽

A Japanese subculture expert might correct me on this, but I think this dress could best be called "goth-loli" (the popular and not-at-all-twisted gothic-lolita subculture). So tried it on under protest, but I think it's pretty adorable (might need different footwear, though).

Rock Star

In return, she wanted me to try on a hideous purple polka-dotted dress shirt, but thankfully, they didn't have my size. This awesome rock-star faux-fur coat was a "compromise" (I made a token protest, but if it wasn't $200, I would have bought it right there).

Cash Registers

Checkout time! My haul: one pretty nifty chock-full-o-pockets jacket, with a cool offset zipper.

V for Victory!

She wouldn't be a Japanese girl if she didn't make the requisite "V for Victory!" sign in pictures


Otsukaresama! Italian food for these two tired shoppers (her more than me, I think- she fell right asleep once we got on the train home). Dinner was spaghetti and seafood pizza; dessert was chocolate and green tea tiramisu.

Green Tea Tiramius
Ususally I'm into green tea-flavored stuff (when I want a break from beer or sake, I love ochawari-umeshu, tea mixed with plum wine), but we decided this was a little too bitter.

Chocolate Tiramisu

The chocolate, however, was spot-on. Both were dangerous, though- the powder had a natsy habit of attaching to our teeth and refusing to let go.

Gap- Holiday Mode

Post-dinner walk to look at the Gap christmas decorations. Dunno why everything's blue, but it's sure pretty.

All in all, a fun night. The drinking parties and clubbing expeditions are good times too, but it was a nice change to be able to spend a comparatively quiet evening talking, exploring, and getting to know someone better. I'm off to bed; tomorrow holds an internship, preparing a presentation on a survey about lunchtime eating habits for Japanese class, and all the studying I meant to do this weekend. Cheers!