Visitors from Kenya

My family always has interesting people going in and out of the house. Through my host dad's connection as a volunteer probation officer, we somehow got to entertain two visitors from Kenya at the house last night.


From left: David, Maria, and two family friends whose names I have embarrasingly forgotten.


Dinner! Sushi, chicken legs, corn-wrapped pork, tempura, tiny sandwiches, and the requisite big can of Asashi.

Kenya Kampai

Kanpai! (It's not really a Koyama gathering without a kanpai.)

Learning Experience

Maria trying (and failing) to master the art of chopsticking. David got it pretty well, but Maria inevitably ended up either stabbing her target (bad chopstick form), or reverting to a fork.

The Women

The women. Maria brought out the most hugs I've ever seen in Japan to date.

A Gift

Gift of a handpainted Kenyan prairie vista.


And a reciprocal chopsticks gift, unlikely to get much use.

Dessert Spread

Dessert Spread! Chiffon cake (heavenly), persimmon slices, apples, strawberries, and non-instant, non-can coffee (even more heavenly).

Members of the Kenya Visit, Amassed

And the whole gang (note host father bottom row, second from the right, as close to a smile as he'll ever get).