Obama struggles with giving up his Blackberry.

This Barbara Walters interview with Barack Obama reminds me less of how happy I am that we elected Obama, but more of how ashamed I am of the last eight years. Obama will probably have to give up his Blackberry because of national security concerns, and Walters asks him how he feels about that. He tells her that, Blackberry or no, he needs a way to stay in touch with the outside world, unfiltered by the policy wonks and advisers surrounding him. He wants to "keep [his] finger on the pulse of the struggles that people are going through every day."

My first thought: I love this man. My second thought: This should not be an exceptional quality in a a president; our standards have really fallen. I feel like having a tech-savvy president that likes to read is way more valuable than anyone realizes, and is also far too long overdue.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving (and a consumerist Black Friday)!