Six Apart Japan's 5th Anniversary

    Six Apart Japan, the company where I'm interning, had their fifth anniversary party last week. It was a ton of fun, there was great food and drink, and I got to do some networking in Japanese, which was a novel and moderately exciting experience).

    Starting up and holding conversations was surprisingly easy, but I didn't have any business cards, which was a dire mistake. I ended the night with a belly full of gourmet food, a big stack of cards, and the onus entirely on me to contact the people I had met and establish a relationship with them. It's a pretty big breach of protocol to write on the cards to remember who was who, so I've been racing against the clock of awkwardness to rack my brain, research the companies these guys work for, and emailing them in more-or-less-correct Japanese.

Slideshow below, or click here if it doesn't open (be sure to turn on the captions!):

    A woman I met at the event (her business card says バズマーケティング, or "buzz marketing," on the Japanese side, but "International PR Diva" on the English side) invited me to Yahoo! Japan's end-of-the-year party, which should be a lot like this one, but unfortunately it's on Saturday, and I can't get business cards through work for another week or so. I need to find a place in Tokyo to get some done on my own. Oy.