Tumblr: Kind of like a blog, but raw-er

What's a Tumblog? It's an artsy little piece of software that imports feeds from whatever sources you choose, and spits them back out within its own framework and design.

I spit content in to the intertubes in three ways:

My blog, at shack.typepad.com (http://dshack.net redirects here)

My Flickr stream, which has the pictures I take, usually with captions to give them some context

Twitter, for thoughts, feelings, and happenings that fit into 140 characters. I do these at home, from my cellphone, or any time I'm feeling something I want to express to the world.

I don't know if there is a subset of people who

a) care about all three channels

b) don't want to subscribe to all three individually

and c) aren't already using Flickr or Twitter and getting my feed through the service itself.

If you happen to be part of this possibly-existing subset, or just want to glance at what in my life doesn't make the blog, Tumblr aggregates these three things into one stream. My tumblog is at dshack.tumblr.com, if you'd like to check it out.