Setagaya Street Fair

This is from a little ways back, but every year in Setagaya (just past Shibuya on the Den-en-Toshi) there’s a giant, multiblock street fair, with vendors selling everything from the tastiest street food you’ve ever eaten, to handicraft pottery and jewelry, to kimonos, to elaborate rubber-band guns.


Alia is a violent girl


Eggs, Kimchi, and Stew


Teapot and Knives

Kirby and Friends

Lauren supports building schools in cambodia

Note about this last one: these high schoolers were selling things to raise money for Cambodian schoolkids, and to attract attention, one of them had the bright idea to wear a dress (with tissue-stuffed bust). The aesthetic was adorable, but it couldn’t have been over 5 degrees out- in sweaters and coats, we were all ready to run home for dessert and hot cider.
Full set on flickr.