The Pinky Piglets

Coming back from dinner in Shibuya with Miyuki last saturday, we stopped to watch this adorable girl-pop band play in front of Shibuya. A lot of J-pop is either tiringly generic or screamy, but these girls were so happy and enthusiastic I couldn't stop smiling. Also: really happy with the videos my camera's taking. I never got the whole camera-video thing until recently, but I'm hooked. Hint: click the "HD" button to step the resolution up and see what the video really looks like.

Also, a small set of photos on Flickr.

I love Shibuya- it's such a crazy mass of tourists, club kids, and salarymen, all swarming over a tiny area in numbers you can't really grasp until you see it for yourself. I'll try to get some pictures of Shibuya crossing up soon- it's a five-way intersection that periodically turns into a moving sea of people, ebbing and flowing with the changing streetlights.

If you liked the Pinky Piglets video, you can find the band on Myspace; they've got a bunch of free songs and pictures up for curious folks.