Ruby on Rails and Korean BBQ

Went to a 勉強会 (benkoukai, or "study party") at MyNet Japan (producers of Newsing and the awesome Katy keitai website creator) tonight, a little gathering of eight or so nerds sharing stuff they're working on or interested in. Gave an embarrassingly bad presentation on Six Apart's new half-action-streaming-social-application Motion; I had some notes in Japanese, but left them at home. I think I basically got the point across, though. Motion's a great solution to the whole "What if we threw a social network and nobody came?" question; it brings in content from all the other services your users are registered with, so it's pre-populated with content. On top of that, it allows for easy community blogging, and integrates into an existing Movable Type install easily. If you don't get what I'm talking about, check out our demo site here.

今晩、MyNetJapanの勉強会に行きました。シックスアパートの新しい「Motion」という製品をちょっと発表しましたが、日本語のノートを忘れて、長下手でした。でも、なんとなく主要な考えを伝えた感じがあります。基本的に、Motionは「誰もいないSNS」という問題の答え。利用者のもう登録しているサービスのAction Streamsを集まって、本妻とのブログと同じように見せます。ですので、ある内容についてのコミュニティーをかなり早くて、簡単に作れます。今がよくわからないと、このデモサイトを見てください。


Korean BBQ with the guys. I've learned that if I don't ask what animal (or what part of the animal) the meat comes from, it's mind-blowingly delicious.





I love black beer; it's a lot richer than your average Japanese brew, with a sweet, roasty flavor that's worlds above normal Suntory. I like Kirin and Asahi draft fine, but Suntory usually has this nasty bitter aftertaste that doesn't sit right with me.



Chilling with the guys. The bill came out on the hefty side, but the MyNet guys picked it up! I tried to push some money on them, but they wouldn't have it.