Party thing in Roppongi.

I’ve gotten together with a few friends to set up a party on April 2nd at SuperDeluxe, a sweet space in Roppongi. We’ll have a DJ, drinks, cool visuals on jumbo screens, dancing, and all that goodness. We’re looking to celebrate the new semester, bring people from different schools together, and just have a great time. This is basically a college student / sub-25-years-old deal, but if you’re older than that, have met or talked with me before, and want to come, send me an email.


Location/場所:SuperDeluxe (
Time/時間:7pm-11pm, with the nomihodai from 8-10:30.19時から23時。飲み会は、20時から22時半まで。

Registration Form/ご参加の方はここにクリックお願いします。(携帯でもアクセスすることができます)

Even if you’re not planning on coming yourself, please spread the word about this. If you could send the registration form link off to Japanese buddies, that would be great, too. We’ve got a facebook event here, so you can invite them that way as well.