CGM Night, Episode Three

My dad's headed home tomorrow, and I'll pick my mom up from the airport just as I drop him off. Total 'rents time: 20 days. Oy. Since they don't speak Japanese, and they're staying with my host family, I basically need to be by their side most of the day. I'm not sure if I've spent this much time with parents since elementary school. We've lived in the same house for longer periods, but in terms of hours spent in close proximity and conversation, this is pretty unprecedented. My free time is little, but one of the few events I've managed to make it out to was Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth's third CGM Night, at Cafe Riata in Harajuku.

All the Tokyo web regulars were there, along with some groovy bloggers and minor web celebrities. I got my friend Dominic from Waseda to come out, which was pretty cool, and met another Waseda girl who just started interning for the same company as me. Also cool seeing people on the younger side of things: Tkyosam, a hilarious youtuber, Emily (dunno exactly what she does, but she appears to be big on them interwebs), and Kynapple ("No, I'm not Emily!"), a student/musician/model of sorts. Other shoutouts go out to Derrick and Jim, photography ninjas, Kris Tate, whose presentations have gotten super-intense since the last time I saw him, and Joseph Tame, a very fine fellow who I hilariously recognized after un-hilariously not-recognizing. Joseph gets special props because a few months ago, he hooked me up with a sweet English-teaching job through twitter.

P1070974 P1070973 P1070969

They were giving out these awesome Poken things at the entrance, which are little keychain dongles you can touch to other peoples' keychain dongles.Poken I'll admit, I'm sold on 'em without any functionality besides the dongle-touching, but it gets better. Plug them into a USB port when you get home, create a user profile, and suddenly you can see the user profiles of everyone you dongled with over the night. Nifty! I'm going to spend a lot less time meishi-sorting (this may also be due in part to the fact that I knew a good deal more faces this time around). I can't find a way to share my profile link, so if you want to get 'poken' with me (I love that word almost as much as 'dongle'), you'll have to find me IRL.

So in conclusion, CGM night was pretty cool, but I'm still largely off the doing-things radar until about March 25th. Sorry for the lapses in communication; I've fallen through on a few other events, and I feel crappy about that, but I should be back up to speed by the end of the month.

Grades came in, too: good stuff across the board…except for the classes I quit attending because they sucked and I didn't need the credits. Those grades shouldn't follow me back across the Pacific, though, so life is good.