100-Yen Shop Engrish

Hundred yen shops are wonderful stores where everything (yes, everything) costs 100 yen, or around a buck. From pots and pans to neckties, you get to experience what exactly overseas mass production can do for cheap consumer items. I stopped by one of these stores this morning for an umbrella (dollar umbrellas are pretty flimsy, but they're also one dollar), and happened across some pretty good Engrish. Rather than "haha, Japanese people suck at English," it was pretty touching. Despite the slightly weird copy and occasional grammatical error, the messages were sweet and wise.

The Relax Room

Natural Lunch Time

Baby Zoo

Baby Zoo 2

Ok, there was a little cause for chuckles. How the heck do you come up with "Lube Sheep"? That's the kind of thing you'd expect someone who actually knows good English to invent for giggles.


Liberty- Produced By Lube Sheep