Sometimes I Forget How Magical This Country Is

I was riding down the bank of the Sumida river yesterday, and heard
laughter off to my right. I looked, and saw a group of students
sitting on a tarp under a cherry blossom tree, glowing white from a lamp on the path. It was 9pm and pitch-black, and they had a
big spread of food, beer, and sake out, chatting and drinking,
enjoying the last of the blossoms.

This doesn’t happen in America. Between public drinking laws, high
homeless rates, and a general feeling that city streets at night are
something to be walked through, not enjoyed, I’d never see a scene
like this nighttime hanami.

Cherry trees along the road

Hanami party boats on the river
Sumida River by Night

A crescent moon above the trees
Trees and Crescent

Happy Passover/Easter, everybody.