Projects in the Pipeline

What I’ve been up to and will be up to over the next few months:

  • The steering committee for Tokyo 2.0, a monthly networking event in Roppongi. I’ll be running the July event, which is themed around cloud computing. It’s still a ways away, but I need to get speakers and stuff lined up as soon as I can. If you know anyone who sells or uses cloud computing services, or anyone related to a netbook manufacturer, let me know.
  • A Flickr group for the newly-born JapanSoc blogging community. I made the pool because, as much as I love everyone’s pictures, there are just too many to sort through. The flickr group has a submission limit of one photo per user per day, so the best stuff floats to the top.
  • A new website for the Waseda Business Association, a group aimed at giving directionless SILS students direction when it comes to internships and jobs in Japan. It’s running on Movable Type 4, which has a bunch of cool functionality like commenting with 10-something different login systems, running multiple blogs off a single install, and building webpages on the same install as your blog.
  • Continuing my internship at Six Apart Japan. At this point I’m trying to sort out mojibake (screwed-up asian characters) problems with a new email service, and helping out with communication for an upcoming network infrastructure change. It’s clearer and clearer that becoming a sysadmin is not in my future, but the human side of technology projects, especially the translation, is a lot of fun.

I have an urge to get involved with something more concrete and Wasdeda-ish, like a sport or club, but finding the time is difficult. It’s not actually the above commitments- most of those happen on my computer in my downtime- but the whole host family thing just makes life tough. The commute already eats two hours a day, and another two in activities would be a serious time-suck. I need to sort through my schoolwork and Japanese studies (which have basically been on pause for over a month) and figure out whether I can squeeze in the time for one of the 2,000 clubs they’ve got at this wonderful school.

For now, though, sleep beckons. Good night, Tokyo, and good morning, America.