The Best Tokyo 2.0 So Far?

I just got back Tokyo 2.0 #24: Women and the Web Industry, and it was excellent. Most of this was due to the main-course speakers, four successful, engaging, articulate women from all over the tech world, including Satoko Yamaguchi, the chair of Mozilla Japan, and Six Apart’s own Ayako Nakamura (I actually presented with Ayako and translated a little for her, and it kicked my ass. Gotta work on the Japanese/public speaking combination).

I think out of all the awesome presentations that night, I liked Satoko’s the best. She ran through a history of internet browsers, and made the trip interesting, funny, and completely nostalgic (I was something like five years old when Mosaic came out). I could listen to this woman for hours.

(Ustream also has videos of Ayako from Six Apart, Motoko from Medigene, and Fumi Yamazaki, whose passions and jobs are varied and wonderful)

Audience behavior is a good judge of how engaging your presenters are, and judging by the relatively rapt crowd at this event, the presenters did a great job (also, a big otsukaresama to Mitcho and Rob for translating and putting this thing together, respectively). The networking was fun, too, and I got to catch up with some friends and make some nifty new contacts.

There’s probably more to say here, but sleep beckons. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive picture of the event, you can see it in full on Ustream, or check out JapanSoc sometime in the next day or two for other write-ups.