Everybody is a DJ

Not that I or anyone else needs another web service to kill their free time, but has me hooked. It’s really simple:

  • You are a DJ. Pick songs (the catalog is huge) and add them to your playlist.
  • Everyone else is a DJ. Listen to the songs they’re playing.
  • Add anyone’s song to your own playlist, and subscribe to the playlists of the people that spin good stuff.
  • Rock out.

If you’ve ever used twitter, the interface will feel really familiar, but even if you haven’t, it’s pretty darned easy to use, and is chock full o’ AJAX wonderfulness. The quality of music I’m hearing over it is amazing, too (and of course, you can buy all of it on Amazon). Looks like it’s good-bye to Pandora for the near future.

Also, speaking of music, I can’t get this song, or the the girl in it, out of my head. I think part of it might be the makeup, but she has the most infectious smile in the world.