Eikaiwa in Chuo-Ku

I teach an English conversation class (Eikaiwa, or 英会話) once a week in Chuo-ku. It’s the highest hourly wage I’ve ever gotten- 4000 yen (about $40)! Granted, it’s only one hour a week, and I probably have an hour round-trip commute, but that’s still bank.

Class starts at 6, and there was an unusually pretty sunset going on.

Chuo Sunset

Chuo Sunset II

Sheltered conveyer belt tunnel…because the non-sheltered non-conveyor belt tunnel five meters away isn’t good enough, I guess. It’s a randomly luxurious 50 meters of the half-kilometer walk between the station and the office.

Moving walkway

What the hell does this sign mean? “Deformed people holding hands may be found to your right” is all that comes to mind.

Deformed people holding hands to your right

These escalators are automatic- they don’t move unless they detect someone boarding them. You can mess with them by trying to go down the “up” escalator; they flash and bark really angrily.


Triton is a huge complex, made of three skyscrapers (Towers X, Y, and Z) clustered around a massive plaza. I work on the 24th floor of Tower X, at a company called Autodesk.

Office Tower Z

Triton Interior

Escalator Art