Two English Pet Peeves

Unnecessary quotation marks. Someone’s taken it upon themselves to blog this, and it’s wonderful- I don’t get when people got the idea that adding quotes to words just tosses on plain old emphasis. If I find the person that started this trend, I’m going to shank ‘em.


A question is not a question without a question mark. “Could you do this for me” is not asking me anything. There has never EVER been any ambiguity about this. This isn’t a hanging preposition or a rule that changes when you cross the Atlantic. A question mark is the most clear-cut piece of punctuation in the world, and there’s no excuse for not using one. Jesus Christ, how much effort does it taken to push one extra key on the keyboard? You are neither that busy nor that important.

In other news, it’s been something like twenty-one years since my birth. My present to myself was finishing my Japanese term paper and ordering some new shoes (I’ll party this weekend), but my host family got me a really nice business card case:


Now I just need a business to go with it.