Saturday Market

Saturday market is a wonderful mashup of food, music, and art, more chaotic than Pike Place in Seattle, and larger than the street fairs in San Francisco. The Setagaya street fair in Tokyo was a kind of similar idea, but it didn’t have the raw festivity of the Market. I really missed this thing, and Alia and I thought it would be a great way to toss the Japanese exchange students right into the thick of PDX culture.

Red Line

Red Line II


All sorts of stuff happening by the Skidmore fountain.

Saturday Market

Bunny Tapper

Bike Taxi


Hot sauce heaven.

Hot Sauce Heaven

This stuff was ridiculous. A tiny bit on the head of a toothpick, and my mouth was on fire for the next twenty minutes.

Ultimate Insanity

This stuff is 1.5 million Scovilles. Police pepper spray is about 2 million. The guy selling it had a blister from leaving a drop on his hands too long.

1.5 Million Scovilles

This is a stupid form of transportation. The guy that bought it is a stupid man. The marketing department that got him to buy it is kind of ballsy and awesome.

Bike Scooter

Priceless slogans, $20 price tag. Didn’t buy any this time, but “Just Jew It” was crying out to me.

Priceless T-Shirts

He said this was a leopard. Looks like a cat to me.

Tiny Leopard