Speakeasy Blues House Party

Dancers know how to party. A few of the big people in Portland’s burgeoning blues dance scene moved into a new house with nice, big hardwood floors, and decided to make their housewarming an all-night 20’s speakeasy.

Ghosts on the dance floor:
Ghosts on the Dance Floor

A full assortment of period cocktails in a basement bar tucked away from the long arm of the law.

Basement Speakeasy

They had an open living room/dining room, which made for more of a dance floor than a lot of bars. We probably had a hundred people come through over the course of the night, and even had some people drive down from Seattle just to catch the party.

Living Room Blues III-2

Living Room Blues III

Living Room Blues II

Living Room Blues I

Nothing satisfies after you’ve been up all night like diner food.

All-Night Hotcake House

Omlettes for Breakfast

Last Night's Hair

Blues happens at Lenora’s Room in SE Portland every Tuesday, and in secret, ever-changing locations on the weekends.