Finally, a Dock for Mac Laptops. Why Did This Take So Long?

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Henge Docks has just released their first docking station for Apple notebooks. The dock itself is elegant and fits the Apple aesthetic perfectly, but I’ve really been enjoying the company blog, which documents the journey of a small business from initial idea to prototyping, marketing, fabrication, and release.

Apple’s strategy for docking their laptops is to make you buy a bunch of bluetooth accessories. This sounds clean in theory, but it’s really only practical for low-bandwidth connections, and still leaves wires for your speakers, monitor, and external hard drives. There are higher-bandwidth wireless standards on the horizon, but until they arrive, a simple solution like this is wonderful.

From the company site:

The Henge Dock was conceived in early 2007 while Matt was hooking an old 12-inch G4 PowerBook up to a home theater system. Transitioning between desktop use with an external monitor and the home theater system to watch movies was always a pain. Cords would get tangled, connectors would fall behind the desk and the audio leads would constantly get plugged into the wrong ports. Swapping the computer between on-the-go, the desktop and home theater several times a day was tedious, very un-Apple. Then, when the thing was finally hooked up, it looked like some kind of sci-fi hell was happening in the living room, very un-designerly. There had to be a better way.

P.S. I know the docking situation isn’t limited to just apple. IBM and Dell business lappies had docking functionality for a while, but it was always pretty finicky and the docks were big, ugly hunks of plastic. Considering the way laptops have become primary computers for a large part of the population, solid docking stations would be a boon to all laptop manufacturers.

Update: The company’s servers are running pretty slow at the moment, thanks to a story on Engadget.