Get Your Damn Hands Off My Pedicure Fish

image from media.npr.orgCindy Vong, a Phoenix-area salon owner, is taking the state to court after the cosmetology board pulled the plug on her fish-pedicure business. 

"We consider the fish being a tool," says Donna Aune, who runs Arizona's Board of Cosmetology. "Every tool that comes in contact with a client in Arizona needs to be disinfected or thrown away."
Since you can't spray a living fish with Ajax or toss it the trash with each pedicure, Aune says the practice is not allowed in Arizona. 

 Vong's attorney, Clint Bolick, disputes the claim that spa fish put anyone at risk. Customers who used the service say Vong kept the fish tanks clean and regularly replaced the water. Bolick says no one ever complained about getting sick.
"The bigger picture is really the right to make an honest living," Bolick says.

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