Random TFA Thoughts

I’m at the May Site Visit, a combination of training and networking with our district schools. They put us up in a sweet hotel near SFO, and we’re going in the city tomorrow to do district processing, meet some principals, and watch current corps members at work. A few things I learned during today’s activities:

  • The caliber of people here is amazing. Everyone is smart, together, assertive, and easygoing. It’s a pleasure to never have to wince when people share during group process.
  • It apparently costs the organization $15,000-$20,000 to train and support each of us over our two-year stint…and that’s completely aside from our salaries. Kind of humbling.
  • The TFA leadership has an epic vision for the organization. Not ‘epic’ in the sense the kids are using it these days, but sweep-the-nation policy-changing alumni-in-congress epic.

For a variety of reasons, SFUSD looks like one of the most intense districts we serve. It’s going to be an interesting two years.