Fat Head: A Response to Supersize Me

If you haven’t seen the film, the premise of the documentary Super Size Me is that one Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but fast food for a month, which gains him 20-something pounds, destroys his health, and sends him on the path to diabetes and an early grave from heart disease. It’s easy to watch the movie and swear off burgers and fries forever, but there are some lingering questions about the filmmaker and his numbers, and it’s unclear whether the culprit in his deterioration was the nature of fast food or simply the sheer number of calories consumed.

Fat Head is a comedic documentary that refutes Spurlock’s conclusion:

Have you seen the news stories about the obesity epidemic? Did you see Super Size Me? Then guess what? … You’ve been fed a load of bologna. Comedian (and former health writer) Tom Naughton replies to the blame-McDonald’s crowd by losing weight on a fat-laden fast-food diet while demonstrating that nearly everything we’ve been told about obesity and healthy eating is wrong.

The film is out on DVD, and the author also has a rockin’ blog.