TaskRabbit: One-off Personal Assistants for City Folk

Last night, a friend told me he's been part-timing for TaskRabbit, a service that connects people with free time with people who need stuff done. How it works (according to the site):

1 – Sign up and post! When you post a task, you'll describe it, indicate when it needs to be done & set the price you'll pay.

2 – Like magic, you'll hear from a runner who wants to help. They may accept your price or counter with a price they believe is appropriate.

3 – Your runner does your task! If your runner pays for anything while doing your task (like groceries they pick up for you), you can reimburse them through our site.

4 – Once your task is complete & you have paid your runner, you rate them to indicate your level of satisfaction.

He's delivered urgent mail, picked people up from the airport, bought groceries and supplies, and done other miscellaneous gophering tasks, for an average of $12-20 each.

If you sign up with this link, you get $10 to spend free on the site, which is probably enough (or almost enough) to get a runner in your area to do something for you. Pretty cool! Need some OJ from the store? Find a restaurant for a date? Have someone come to your house and help you with minor computer frustrations? Go spend your free money.