Help Fund My DonorsChoose Project and Support SFUSD Public Schools!

*Update 1/29/2015: *It turns out that outside of the classroom, the organization you work for gives you the tools you need to do your job. The fact that I had to raise money to get dollars-each whiteboards for my kids is outrageous.

Last year, DonorsChoose was a HUGE help in getting materials for my classroom without going broke. Thanks to friends, family, coworkers, random internet acquaintances, and the Colbert Nation, I raised money for individual whiteboards, markers, and other supplies that directly impacted my students’ learning (and made for some pretty funny art).

My goal is to fund my $440 project by September 1st. If you have any interest in supporting an awesome public school and helping kids achieve their math dreams, please consider donating here. Any donors of $10 or more will automatically get a piece of personalized whiteboard art by one of my kids next year.