Conversations with the TSA

I had lots of time to kill and there wasn't a line, so I chatted up a few of the security workers.

Random other traveler: "So can I bring food in?"

TSA: "Yeah…wait, it's not like, soup or curry or yogurt, is it?"

Traveler: "What about peanut butter?"

TSA: "No."

Me: "Even chunky?"

TSA (laughing): "No, the rule is no pastes or gels or liquids. Except baby formula or contact lens solution."

Me: "Do you test to see if something is baby formula or contact lens solution?"

TSA: "We kind of eyeball it."

Me: "But no smoothies, right?"

TSA: "No. Though you could definitely bring a bunch of fruit and a blender in and make your own once you were through the checkpoint."