Can't Make This Stuff Up: Total Badass Receives Medal of Honor

The Army website has a cool little infographic that shows and tells the exact level of badassery that gets someone our country's highest military award:

Petry and Robinson entered the courtyard and immediately to their front was an opening followed by a small chicken coop. As they moved to cross the open area before the chicken coop, an insurgent shot at them with an AK-47 assault rifle from about 10 meters away.

Petry was wounded by one round, which went through both of his legs…

…Petry, Higgins, and Robinson were still grouped together on the side of the chicken coop when another grenade landed a few feet from Higgins and Robinson.

Recognizing the threat that the enemy grenade posed to his fellow Rangers, Petry, despite his own wounds and with complete disregard for his personal safety, consciously and deliberately risked his life by picking up the live enemy grenade and trying to throw it away his fellow Rangers.

As Petry was throwing the grenade away from his team, which prevented serious injury or death to Higgins and Robinson, it detonated and catastrophically amputated his right hand.

Unbelievable. The Army should publish more of this stuff.