Teachers For Seizures? The Idiotic Email I Found in My Inbox

Maybe I'm missing something here. This came from the California Federation of Teachers.

Once more:  Stop harmful SB 161, Diastat bill
You responded with outrage and action to our Legislative Action Alert of July 27. You generated more than 800 emails to legislators opposing the reckless SB 161, authored by state senator Bob Huff (R), which allows the application of a prescription drug of valium by a non-medical K-12 school employee volunteer to epileptic students. The drug, Diastat, must be injected rectally in a child experiencing a seizure.

The CFT believes there should be qualified medical personnel on site at every school campus. Pretending that professional positions can be replaced by volunteers, the bill represents one aspect of the anti-public education agenda, which is continuing to defund and privatize public schools, in this case, defunding school nurse positions.

I'm all for funding school nurses, but condemning epileptic kids to a choice of a school with a retained nurse or the prospect of a harrowing trip to the hospitol is not the way to go about it.

A good look at the controversy: