Thanks for the iPad, Teach for America.

People donated refurbished iPads to Apple, and they gave them out to TFA Corps Members. From what I can tell, they're 1st-gen 64GB Wi-Fi models.

First impressions: the reason Apple is dominating the portable electronics sector is because their first generation offering runs circles around everybody else's new releases. I got a fire sale TouchPad when HP ditched WebOS, and the iPad is so much more intuitive, responsive, well-designed, and professional-feeling.

That said, I'm not sure what to do with mine. When I'm out and about, I use my phone. When I'm at a desk, I use a computer. I can't really lesson-plan on it, because I run most classes on PowerPoint. It's too heavy to hold with one hand and read, and I don't fly enough to appreciate the movie-watching capabilities and 10-hour battery. I've played around with it as a smartboard input device, but it's a little too laggy over wifi to sketch smoothly, and I prefer a simple wireless clicker for slides and a document camera for live input.

I'll give it a few weeks and try to find a good classroom application for this pretty slab of glass and metal, but I see it sitting on my desk more than such a magical device deserves.


Yeah, my hunch was right. There's no place for the iPad in my classroom, and at home it just drives domestic abuse (my girlfriend hits me for browsing reddit while we watch TV). Especially with the new $79, light-as-a-feather Kindle and iPhone 5 on the way, I can't fit this thing into my life.*