Let's Use Positive Reinforcement with the Boys in Blue

John Cummins, spokesman for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, said his agency does not provide direct training on how to handle video recording at scenes.

“If you are a party to the encounter, then you can record the encounter,” Cummins said. “Simply put, a citizen has the right to record an encounter with the police they are involved in.”

Cummins gave an example of a resident being able to record a field sobriety test, but noted that the resident must obey all other laws while recording.

(Pileus via the Agitator)

If you encounter a cop acting cool as you or another citizen document your encounter, thank him for upholding your rights*. Confused? Context. I'm sure it sucks to catch flak on a daily basis based on a few bad officers, and it's important to recognize and reward the ones doing the right thing.

*If it's an encounter with another citizen, wait until the police business is over first. You don't want obstruction charges.