Rocketship Education: Blasting Off in the Bay Area

The teacher on camera in the beginning  is my girlfriend Lauren, exemplifying awesome classroom management with her 2nd graders.

Rocketship in a nutshell (my take, at least):

  • Teachers specialize in either math or literacy, enabling them to delve deeper into their subject area than most elementary school teachers.
  • As long as they're used intelligently and for an appropriate part of each day, computers can be more personal, differentiated, and effective than a single teacher trying to serve 30+ students.
  • Money savings from the learning lab enables more professional development, more administrative support, and performance incentives.
  • High standards and consistent behavior expectations across the board create a culture of passionate, inspired learning.

Rocketship is one of the only charter networks out there that passionately serves any student that wants to be there, including (and this is a rarity among charters) special needs students. They've opened up at least one new school every year since they started, and I wouldn't be surprised if they start to branch out beyond the Bay Area soon.