Insomniac? Try Melatonin

I’ve struggled with insomnia for most of my life, and I just conquered my latest bout by going back to 6-9mg of melatonin every night before bed. Whether it’s a placebo or not, I’ve noticed:

  • It’s easier/faster to fall asleep
  • I have more vivid, more memorable dreams
  • It’s easier to get back to sleep when I get randomly woken.
  • I have more energy the next day, though I do feel a little sleepier than normal for the first hour after waking.

Melatonin isn’t a drug- it’s sold as an herbal supplement next to valerian, St. John’s Wort, vitamins, and all that crap. Medical research is inconclusive, but encouraging, and until the placebo wears off or I run into any adverse side effects, it’s improved my quality of life significantly.

*Update 1/23/2015: *Three and a half years later, still taking it at about the same dosage, and it’s still effective.