"As It Stands, Siri is More of a Douche Bag Identification System than a Scheduling Tool"

Quote of the day: Scott Adams.

I'd also like someone to invent a better calendar interface. The current ones are way too much fussy clicking. I get annoyed every time I enter something on Google calendar or Outlook. I feel like a data entry clerk. Can't that be easier?

Yeah, I know, Siri has a voice solution. I haven't tried it, but my experience with Google voice search on my phone tells me that in the real world there is no such thing as a quiet enough environment. And if it is quiet, there's a reason, such as the fact someone is working in the cubicle nearby or trying to read at the airport. As things stand, Siri is more of a douche bag identification system than a scheduling tool.

For what it's worth, I've found Siri pretty responsive even in noisy environments. It probably helps that the last two iPhone have dual noise-cancelling microphones. Pro tip: instead of talking to Siri like a speakerphone, just raise the phone up to your ear. Not only does it make you more intelligible, it cuts the douche factor quite a bit (you just look like you're on the phone).