Texas Family Law Judge Savagely Beats Daughter for Filesharing

This is insane, shocking, and sad. Warning: graphic video, may be unsettling. If you don't have a strong stomach, just read the transcript here.


It gets better. One of many priceless quotes from the judge (on an unrelated matter):

"If there is no videotape of something, it should not be presented in Court. No videotape, then it didn't happen."

Oops. There's your videotape, buddy. I hope you lose your job, and your custody over the kid. That's not corporal punishment, it's assault and battery.

Lots more discussion on Reddit, where apparently the daughter herself submitted it.

Update: Here is his boss's info:

Aransas County, TX

301 N. Live Oak

Rockport, TX 78382

Main Phone #:


*Update 2: *I just gave them a call.

Me: "Have you seen the video of Judge Adams beating his daughter?"

Receptionist: "Yes sir, the county is aware of it and it has been referred to the DA for investigation."