The Reddit Effect: From 200 daily pageviews to 27,000

I logged on to Typepad today, and saw this graph:

Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 6.45.14 PMI thought, "Weird, why did my pageviews all drop down to zero, except for one little spike?"

Turns out, the graph was actually this:

Screen Shot 2011-11-15 at 6.46.11 PM
Other days only looked like they had no pageviews because the hits were so few compared to yesterday, when I wrote a little post on how I adapted my workspace for my short stature. In one day, I had received over five times my average MONTHLY hits. I was shocked, then realized I had been inspired to post by, and submitted the post to, /r/battlestations, a section of Reddit where geeks people share their electronic man-caves. 

What confuses me, though, is it wasn't a particularly popular post on Reddit, with only 11 upvotes and 2 comments. I'm assuming there's a lot of automated image-fetching going on, because I highly doubt I had even a few hundred people roll through and check out the post (after all, the subreddit only has 10,000 members). Further weirdness: today's hits are back to normal, even though I'm still on the front page of /r/battlestations. Reddit-side caching, maybe?

Reddit has some weird stuff going on- the exact algorithms that determine front-page placement, fuzz upvotes and downvotes to foil bots, and otherwise keep the site running smoothly are a mystery to most. However, like most things in life, there's a subreddit for that- head over to /r/TheoryofReddit to debate and speculate on trends in the Reddit community and behind the scenes.