Should UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Resign?

Context: Katehi ordered cops to remove OWS students from a public area, then this happened:


On the one hand, a cogent argument against her resignation:

Fact: many of the few dozen occupiers on the UC Davis campus were not students of the school– a trespassing violation of school policy.

Fact: the tents and encampment was in violation of school policy– safety and health were amongst the main concerns and several violations had been reported to school administration.  

Fact: Katehi and her administration attempted on several occasions to reason with the group, seeking to provide support to the students, listen to their concerns and provide them with several opportunities– legal opportunities– to express their opinions and make their voices heard.

Fact: Katehi and her administration informed the group that tents and overnight encampments were illegal, according to university policy. They were informed verbally, as well as in writing, throughout the course of their demonstrations and after over 25 tents had been set up on the lawn, known as the Quad.

Fact: The few dozen demonstrating students had no specific demands against the school administration, according to Katehi. They were protesting against the economic crisis in the state, the lack of jobs in California and increased tuition in the University of California network.

Yes, the university police were 100% wrong to use chemical agents against these trespassers even though they were in violation of school policy and the law. It is the police chief who is responsible for these actions. The individual who gave the order to use the pepper spray should be fired– not Linda Katehi.

On the other, Steve Jobs:

Jobs imagines his garbage regularly not being emptied in his office, and when he asks the janitor why, he gets an excuse: The locks have been changed, and the janitor doesn't have a key. This is an acceptable excuse coming from someone who empties trash bins for a living. The janitor gets to explain why something went wrong. Senior people do not. "When you're the janitor," Jobs has repeatedly told incoming VPs, "reasons matter." He continues: "Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering." That "Rubicon," he has said, "is crossed when you become a VP."

(from Adam Lashinksky's excellent Fortune article)

I'm sure it sucks to step down as chancellor, but that's life. Even if she didn't make the call to use the pepper spray, it happened on her watch. We don't pay a half-million dollar salary for excuses.