Paying Companies So I Don't Have to Give a $%^&

Moving up in the world is a tale of trading economic value for shit-giving. The first guy to plant and harvest crops realized he could trade a few stalks of wheat to a buddy for a knife, and not have to give a shit about knife-carving again. Economics itself is pretty much built on doing what you're good at until you have some extra cash, then giving it to people to do stuff they're good at (but you hate or suck at). Besides the obvious stuff like food, shelter, and transportation, here's how I spend money for peace of mind:

Hulu and Netflix: For $8 a month (each), I don't have to give a shit about what to watch, when it's on, what format it's in, or what device I want to watch it with.

Backblaze: For $5 a month, I don't have to give a shit about external backup. Burning to DVDs? Time Machine? Whatever. They suck all my stuff into the cloud, keep it in a big RAID, and let me access it if my computer goes down. 

AT&T (and Apple): For $50 a month, I don't have to give a shit about where that email is, where that file is, where that phone number is, or where that odd fact is. Being able to access Gmail, my calendar, my documents (via Dropbox), or Wikipedia/Google on my phone answers pretty much every information-related question I've ever had.

What do hate giving a shit about? Do you pay anyone to take care of it for you?