Louis C.K. Answers Questions on Reddit

Apparently he edits all of "Louis" himself, produces all the music, and is in the middle of a cool experiement involving a $5 self-produced, downloadable, DRM-free live show recording.

My favorite exchange:


    From watching your show and seeing some interviews, I've noticed that you're self-taught and hands-on in many facets of production (cameras, self-editing, etc.) In general, it seems you like to learn. What are you currently learning, or what else would you like to master in the future?


    Jesus, what a good question. Oh my god. Someone needs to give you a dollar for that.
Okay. I do love to learn. It's all I feel like I'm ever doing. It's really the best you can do in life, is learn. You can't really do anything right. You can just learn. Right now, I am learning to be a dad. I am learning how to take better care of myself and my kids. I"m learning how to communicate with people in my life.

    Professionally, I'm learning right this minute, a HUGE amount with this web experiment. this live at the beacon thing (available at httlp://www.louisck.com for 5 bucks) is like that thing in the movie "Twisiter" where they send a bunch of little data collecting balls up into a tornado and just download the lovely results. The whole things has been like that. From the moment it went online and i saw the result of every decision i made. the last question the web guys asked me before we posted was if I wanted the mail list button defaulted to "opt in" or "opt out" and i said start it at opt out. It's such a tiny thing but I keep hearing about it from people. So so interesting to watch this grow.

Read the whole thing here.

Tangential:my two favorite Louis C.K. videos of all time (both NSFW).