For New Year's, Utah Bans Happy Hour


In addition to eliminating drink specials, SB 314 allows the governor to appoint the chairman of the liquor commission, bans minikegs and ties the number of liquor licenses to population quotas and public-safety officers. The latter part of the law does not go into effect until July 1, 2012, but it will then become even more difficult to obtain a liquor license in Utah.

Across the nation, Utah has a reputation for being a notoriously dry state. Liquor and beer over 4% alcohol by volume have to be purchased at state-owned liquor stores, which are closed on Sundays; any beer sold in a Utah grocery store or gas station must contain only 3.2% alcohol, which is measured by weight and not volume; and, until 2009, if a bar or club sold liquor or beer over 4% they were labeled a private club, requiring would-be patrons to purchase a temporary "membership" card in order to enter the establishment.

I would hate to live there- among other issues, I doubt anyone makes 3.2% IPAs. And what the heck are teachers supposed to do after work on Fridays now?