Groped by the TSA at the Portland Airport

I was sent through one of the new scanners at PDX, and I guess it picked up something near my waist (My pockets were empty, and I had no belt on. A rivet in the jeans, maybe?). The TSA guy proceeded to stick a gloved finger in between my waistband and underwear and run it along my waist.

Now, I'm not exactly saying that the TSA raped me. The guy was fast and professional, and I'm sure he followed his training manual to the letter. All I'm saying is this: that's a private area, and you don't need a finger in there to figure out if I'm packing a weapon. The probing didn't faze me personally, but I imagine it could be a major trigger for anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted. 

Hey, weren't these scanners supposed to end the need for government-sanctioned groping?