Magic: The Gathering for Anarchists

Frog Skins is a collectible card game for two players. Each player brings a deck of 5 cards, and plays them one at a time against the other players deck. Also, the cards are cash.

Highest amount wins a round: a $20 bill beats a $10 bill, a $5 bill beats a $1, a $100 beats everything. Ties go into a tie pool. At the end of the game, the player who won the most rounds wins the game. In the case of a true tie, the cash is returned to its original owner.

Breaking the game seems easy enough. If both sides stack a deck of $100, the game will result in a true tie. For that scenario, Rohrer has a solution, a player may rip a bill in half and use both pieces as a bill worth that amount. So a ripped $20 bill plays as two complete $20 bills — and loses its actual value in the process.

Full story at The Verge. So twisted, so awesome.