Siri in Japanese!

The web may be aflutter with talk of Apple's newest iPad (I'm proud of myself for resisting the temptation to pre-order one), but I'm more excited about iOS 5.1, and the addition of Japanese to the languages Siri understands.

Here's me getting to know the personal assistant:


And here's actual Japanese people interacting with her:


Japanese has such a regular meter and level tone that I actually feel like シリ-san sounds more natural than her English counterpart. She's had intermittent connectivity issues today, but even with my awful American accent, I still got her to text my girlfriend. There are some kinks, though- "I'm talking in Japanese with Siri right now came out as "今強いChowと日本語で話しています," or "I'm talking in Japanese with strong chow right now." 

Want to try it out? If you have an iPhone 4S, go to "General" in the settings pane, then "Siri," then "Language." She'll let you choose from English (with a U.S, U.K, or Australian accent), French, German, or Japanese. I don't know if I'll leave mine on 日本語, but it might be a great way to stay functional in the language.

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