Perez Hamilton: Best Mash-Up Ever!

American history through the imaginary lens of Perez Hilton:


And that’s why you don’t eff with the King of England!! LOL.

During all the drama between the Boston revoltNew England and New France going to war and King James II being overthrown, German-American Jacob*Leisler* seized control of New York and ruled it against the wishes of the newKing William III. In response, KWIII sent a new governor to NY, but he didn’t get there for a couple years because he was lazy delayed by bad weather.

After an awkward stand-off resulting in words along the lines of, “You’re not governor, I am!” and, “No, bitch, NY is mine!” Jacob Leisler was finally arrested by the REAL governor and sentenced to death.

This is riDICKulous. You can’t just steal New York and expect to get away with it!!!!

If it was THAT easy, don’t you think we’d have stolen it loooong ago?? Where else can you get the best food and fashion in America??!

Love it! (via kottke)