Car pulls hit-and-run on cyclist. City bus driver pulls across both lanes to block driver.

Too bad for the kid in the car: this was just hours after Pennsylvania implemented a four-foot passing law:

On 02 April 2012 at approximately 3:06 p.m., expert cyclist Frank Pavlick was struck from behind while riding across the Fahy Bridge.  Mr. Pavlick was hit by a seventeen year old juvenile who was attempting to pass a LANTA bus.  Immediately following the impact, the juvenile attempted to flee the scene to avoid identification and apprehension.  The driver of the LANTA bus, identified as Richard Gubish, Jr., saw the crash in his rear view mirror and also saw the driver attempting to get away.  Mr. Gubish took immediate and decisive action and positioned his bus across the lanes of the bridge, effectively blocking the path of the getaway driver.  

Nice call.

The next vehicle across the bridge was a marked Bethlehem Police car being operated by veteran Officer Wade Haubert.  

Ooh! That's gotta sting.

The quick and selfless actions by Mr. Gubish and Mr. Smull brought this potentially tragic situation to a very positive conclusion.  Without their decisive actions, the offending driver may not have been apprehended.  We would like to thank Mr. Gubish and Mr. Smull for their selfless dedication to their community and for acting to help another in a time of need.

I've been hit a few times on my bike, and I'm happy to say that on the one occasion the driver sped off, motorists around we were quick to stop, help me up, and give me the license plate of the jerk.

Video of the incident is below. Again, great driving on the part of the bus driver.


From the Bethlehem City Police Blog. Every police department should have something like this.