Students Punished for Biking to School

So, um, this happened:

As high school seniors get set to walk commencement, toilets are exploding, lockers are getting graffitied and doors are getting super-glued…but a decision by Kenowa Hills seniors to do something a lot less harmful has drawn the ire of their principal. 

The plan was to hold a bike parade as a nice, non-destructive, healthy senior prank.
Seniors called police for an escort, and even called Walker's mayor, who rode in the parade.
"Police escort, with the mayor, who brought us donuts. …The mayor brought us donuts…" said a group of seniors following the ride. 

But school official weren't told in advance, hence the word prank, and were not happy with the event. 

They kicked the seniors out of school for their last day and threatened to keep them from walking in graduation ceremonies set for May 30. 

-Wood TV 8

I am at a loss for words. I don't even….nope. What? There are some areas where local government really needs some help with automation and communication. Something like

if(mayor brings donuts)&&(police cool with it){

be chill;


Seriously. In most of America, we have trouble getting students to graduate high school or ride bikes, let alone both.

Update: It appears reason won out.

At a board meeting last night, furious parents thought she overreacted. And the President of the School Board, Frank Hammond, who’s son was among the bike riders, also thought she overreacted.

The school board decided to suspend all punishments, let the students who missed final exams make them up, and there will be no one barred from graduation.  Pennington did not attend last night’s meeting